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It is hard to believe but it is that time of year again, when seed catalogues arrive and garden planning begins. The Landed Learning @ School Program is excited to offer you and your students a range of tried and tested garden-based learning activities and resources for the spring season. These offer great curriculum connections and are highly engaging for students.

Feb 18, 19 or 20
Planning to Plant (45-60 min in-class activity)
* Plan what to plant in the school garden, using specially developed worksheets for the Powell River region
* Plant seeds in home-made paper pots to observe and care for (can be taken home or planted in the school garden)
* Optional add-on: Mindful Tasting exercise, where students sample and rate an assortment of vegetables that can be grown at school, some of which they may never have tried before!

Mar 3, 4 or 5​
Making Bee Happy Seed Balls (45-60 min in-class activity)
* Learn about the importance of pollinators and ways we can attract them to our gardens
*Make seeds balls using a mix of insect-friendly flower seeds to plant at school or home
* Optional add-on: make a Bee Watering Station to go in the garden (outdoors)​

Mar 31, Apr 1 or 2
Caring for Living Things (45-60 min outdoor activity)
* Learn about what seedlings need to survive and how to plant for maximum success
* Transplant seedlings (supplied if necessary) into the garden
* Direct sow lettuce and other seeds that will be ready to harvest for a Celebration Salad before summer break!

Each activity is seasonally-based and available on three dates. You can choose to do one (e.g., Planning to Plant on Feb 20), or all three (e.g. Feb 20, followed by Seed Balls on Mar 3 and Living Things on Apr 2). All materials and post-activity resources are supplied. You just need to book a time for us to come!

Contact Vanessa at vanessa.sparrow@sd47.bc.ca

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