Bee Happy Seed Balls!


We had so much fun making Bee Happy Seed Balls at our Pollination Station for ECO at Edgehill School today! The theme was “Imagining a Green Future” and we helped students to do that by making lots of wildflower and sunflower seed balls to take back to their schools and plant in special “Wildflower Wild” areas. The idea is to grow flowers for bees and other pollinators, and it doesn’t hurt that they look beautiful too .

Many thanks to wonderful LL volunteers Tracey, Lorraine and Sherry for coming to help out and making it all run smoothly, and to Darlene at Dancing Tree Gallery for donating the clay. And of course, to the fabulous Karin for organizing this inspiring event!

Landed Learning @ School will be running more Bee Happy Seed Ball workshops for schools in March – get in touch if you are interested, and check out the Resources page on this website for info on how to make and grow your own wildflower seed balls.

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