New activities to go with Growing Kits

How Tall is My Sunflower

Nearly two hundred Growing Kits have been sent home to families in the past two weeks (whew!), which means lots of pea and sunflower seeds are being excitedly planted right about now.

To add to the fun and keep children engaged in the process of observing and learning from their growing seedlings, here are a few activities and resources for you to try out:

1. How Tall is My Sunflower? (all grades): a colourful chart for recording the growth of a sunflower plant once it has emerged from the ground.

2. Sprouting Peas in a Jar  (all grades): a fun and easy way to observe part of a seed and the germination process.

3. Sunflower Facts (all grades): a sheet of interesting facts about sunflowers.

4. My Plant Journal (K-3): a booklet for students to document what is happening to their seedlings.

5. My Pollinator Journal (4-7, from Kids Gardening): an informative and engaging journal for observing and learning about pollinators in the garden

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