Vermicomposting in the classroom

Worms, lov-er-ly worms!! Mr Gee’s Grade 4 class at Westview Elementary worked hard last week to put together three worm houses for their classroom, which will help them make rich, fertile compost for the school garden.

With donations of coffee grounds from River City Coffee Roasters, Bakery and Urban Eatery and local horse manure, mixed up with decomposing leaves and shredded egg cartons, we made cozy homes for three pounds of red wiggler worms. Did you know that red wiggler worms have five hearts and breathe through their skin? And that they can eat half their body weight in food each day? (Wish I could do that 😁.). What amazing animals!

Get in touch if you’re an SD47 teacher who’d like to start a worm composting set-up in your class. It’s simple (and not smelly or messy as people sometimes assume), and provides fantastic learning and care-taking opportunities for your students.

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