And that’s it for another school year!

It’s been a busy few months for Landed Learning in SD47 school gardens, with all kinds of fun activities happening to make the most of the spring growing season. Some highlights:

At Edgehill, we wrapped up a wonderful year with Ms. Harrison’s class, and celebrated with a delicious (and colourful) meal prepared mainly with food that students and volunteers had grown. The pride and amazement that many students experienced as they harvested, prepped and ate their beautiful salad can probably best be summed up by one comment: “I kinda knew the seeds we planted would grow, but I never thought they would grow THIS much!”.

At Kelly Creek, Ms Murray’s class made wildflower seed balls and planted a patch for pollinators. We are looking forward to seeing the flowers grow and the bees buzzing!

At Westview, Ms Hoekstra’s class picked and enjoyed hand salads from the crops they grew from seed. We love seeing normally veggie-averse kids happily munching on freshly picked greens and then asking for more, especially when their enjoyment is clearly matched by their pride 😊.

For their support and involvement in all these activities, and many more throughout the year, our thanks to Springtime Garden Centre, Mother Nature Garden Home & Pet, Landed Learning volunteers, SD47 staff and all the students who participated. It was a challenging time for everyone, but you all kept things growing beautifully!

The Landed Learning @ School garden-based education program will continue in September, with a variety of volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested in getting involved (from a couple of hours of watering, to becoming a Garden Friend), please get in touch.

Happy Summer!

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