Growing food in the classroom with the Tower Garden

Happy New (and snowy) New Year to you all! While our gardens are buried under all this pretty white stuff, we can still grow delicious, fresh food for ourselves indoors, even if it’s just a pot of herbs on the windowsill (my basil is still going strong!).

Another method of indoor food production is the Tower Garden, which uses liquid nutrients to grow plants vertically, under lights. The resulting greens are nutritious and tasty, with lots of varieties available.

Grade 6 Edgehill Elementary students, Arwen and Lowell, have taken charge of assembling and maintaining a Tower Garden that was donated to the school last year, and recently sent along some photos and a report on how things are going. It looks like they are doing a wonderful job of stewarding this fresh food project for the whole school – well done Lowell and Arwen!

If you have any questions or are interested in having a Tower Garden at your school, get in touch!

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