Landed Learning @ School Program

The Landed Learning @ School program provides garden-based learning and food preparation activities to elementary school students and has two components:

1. One school each year participates in the core program: ten half-day sessions, (usually one per month) conducted at the school with a Grade 3, 4 or 5 class. Students are partnered with trained community volunteers in small groups who work together to plant, tend, harvest and cook with fresh food grown in the school garden. They also make two visits to a local farm to experience working food systems and develop a greater understanding of where their food comes from, and its connection to community and environmental health. A current program outline can be found in the Volunteer Manual here.

2. Schools not participating in the full program each year are offered a program of gardening and cooking activities, in addition to curriculum connected resources and support with garden materials and maintenance. Details of this program can be found here.

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